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Are you a homeowner and looking to install some beautiful iron doors on your home? Our doors and windows at Max Iron Doors are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely tough built. With each of our doors comes an added sense of security for a home and the people living in it. Even though Midland Texas isn’t a giant city, it still has the risks that come from being near a larger city.

Our doors and windows at Max Iron Doors can either be custom designed and installed, or we can modify pre-existing doors and windows to leave the look and feeling of the home relatively close to what it is. If you’re new to Midland Texas, welcome and please keep reading to learn more about Midland.

More on Midland Texas

Midland Texas is a midsized city at 123,933 people and sits in Martin County. It is the 25th most populated city in the state of Texas and is part of the Midland Metropolitan area.

Midland was founded in 1881 half way between Fort Worth and El Paso. It is the hometown of former first lady, Laura Bush and has a rich and extensive history. The city has a land area of 71.5 square miles and rests at an elevation of 2,782 feet. The city uses the ZIP Codes of 79701-12 and area code 432. Midland is one of the fastest growing cities in the state.

People that live in Midland can expect a good time but are likely to face the same risks that come with living in much larger cities. Therefore it’s important that the residents of Midland take the needed measures to ensure their home is safe and secure as well as nice looking. That’s where MAX Iron Doors and Windows take over.

Why Max Iron Doors?

At Max Iron Doors we have two main goals. One is to offer complete customer satisfaction; two is to create a better sense of wellbeing by installing tough built, good-looking doors and windows. We never cut corners and are prepared to give you everything you want in the way of security, aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.

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