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If you live in Lubbock Texas and area home owner you may feel like adding some customization to your home. How about having MAX Iron installing some custom designed and built doors and windows for your home? Our doors and windows can be created to stand out and some serious aesthetics to your home, and our methods can be used to modify other doors and windows for a more standard or natural look.

Along with looking good, our doors and windows are also tough. They add a new degree of protection to your home and are made to last. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and security as well as the beauty of your home. For those of you new to the Lubbock Texas area, welcome. And for more information on Lubbock, please keep reading.

More on Lubbock Texas

Lubbock sits in Lubbock county Texas and is found in the Northwestern part of the state. The region is historically known as Llano Estacado and is part of the High Plains. The city has a population of 243,839 and is the 85th most populous city in the country. Lubbock is known as the “Hub City.”

The city has a land mass of 123.6 square miles and sits in the Central Time Zone. Lubbock uses several area codes: 79401, 79416, 79423, 79424 and 79439 are just a handful of them. The city uses the 806 area code.

Lubbock Texas is one of the populated areas in the state and attracts people from all over. Like any city that is going through growth, crime is also attracted to the area. And as any homeowner knows, the safety of a home is essential. Why not get the added security of MAX Irons Doors and Windows plus the great look and feeling they add to a home as well.

Why MAX Iron Doors?

At MAX Iron Doors we are ready to help you in your ongoing quest to perfect your home and make it how you would like it to be. Our team is dedicated to your service and will do what it takes to get the job done. When you need some new doors and windows for your home and live in the Lubbock Texas area, MAX Iron is here.


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