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Doors, windows and other elements of the home all contribute to security of the house. MAX Iron makes some of the most beautiful doors that are designed to protect you and your family. We know the importance of having brute strength as well as attractiveness, which is why we design our doors the way we do for our clients in Dallas.

MAX Iron Doors takes great pride in designing, building, and installing some of the most beautiful doors and windows that are tough also tough as nails. A door from MAX Iron will stand up against the elements and keep intruders at bay. Nowhere is safety more important than in major cities like Dallas Texas. Dallas is a huge metropolitan area and homes in the area must be secured at all times. For more information on how you can get a door installed from max iron, feel free to call us anytime. And please read further to learn about Dallas Texas.

More on Dallas Texas

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas and the country. Dallas is massive and spans across several different counties. A majority of the city sits in Dallas County; other counties include Denton, Collin, Rockwall, and Kaufman. The 2010 census states that Dallas has a population of 1,197,816 people. The city is now estimated to have nearly 1.3 million citizens calling it home.

The city is a massive 385.8 square miles with a population density of 3,645 sq miles. Dallas rests at 420 feet of elevation and uses the 214, 469, 972, 682, 817 area codes. The ZIP codes used in Dallas are 752 and 753.

Dallas is a metropolitan hub and has everything a family could need to live and thrive. The one downside to Dallas is the massive population, which brings a lot of crime. Solid doors and windows like those provided by MAX Iron are therefore essential the safety of a home. We’re ready at any time to turn your home into a formidable fortress that is also beautiful to look at.

Why MAX Iron Doors?

At MAX Iron Doors in Dallas Texas we don’t play games when it comes to your time, money or security. Our team is prepared to design and install custom doors and windows of all types. We work with efficient, expedient effort and always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. At MAX Iron Doors we’re always ready to help.

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