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At MAX Iron Doors we look forward to helping the residents of Amarillo Texas secure their home while adding to the look and feeling of their home. Our doors and windows add a different feeling to a home that is custom and unique. Our team of designers and installation specialists are ready to create you a fortified home with a custom look and design.

Amarillo Texas sis a large city and has several attractive factors. Many people move here with the hopes of a better life and more work. Like any city that is attractive, we must take the good with the bad. That’s why MAX Iron Doors are designed to beautify your home while adding to its security. For those of you new to the area, welcome and please keep reading to learn more.

More on Amarillo Texas

Amarillo is the 14th largest city in the state of Texas by population. It sits in Potter County and is also on the seat of the county. Part of Amarillo also rests in Randall County. The city has a population that is estimated to be 236,113 people. Amarillo means yellow in Spanish.

The city has a square mileage of 90.3 square miles and sits at 3,605 feet in elevation. There are numerous ZIP codes used in the city. Some of which are: 79101, 79111, 79114, 79172, 79178 and 79185. The city uses the 806 area code.

Amarillo was founded in 1877 and was originally named Oneida. The city was then changed in name in 1888 and the credit goes to Henry B. Sanborn who was called “the Father of Amarillo.”

People that live in Amarillo can expect a good time with a lot to do. But will want to customize their home to increase its worth, while also keeping it safe. MAX Iron Doors can help you do both to your home.

Currently Serving the Amarillo Texas area i.e. Amarillo, Canyon, Happy, Lake Tanglewood, Palisades, Timbercreek Canyon


Why MAX Iron Doors?

At MAX Iron Doors of Amarillo we specialize in top of the line services for our clients. Our team builds the best doors and windows that money can buy. They’re solid, pleasing to the eye, and add a feeling to a home that is hard to match. When you’re ready to secure your home while making it look good, MAX Iron is here to help.

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